How car rental companies can pivot on contactless rentals to combat Corona crisis

Contactless Car Rental

Contactless car rentals to fight COVID-19

COVID-19 has considerably changed the way we live. With governments forced to impose strict lockdowns, the way we live, work, and conduct ourselves has undergone a tremendous bend. 

The same goes for how car rentals need to function now and for a certain period of time in the future until we reclaim our normalcy.

Car rentals do not come under the essential services and they can only be opened once the lockdown restrictions are lifted. 

Contactless car rentals have become the new normal to fight the spread of the virus. People are no longer visiting the physical car rental space and prefer to book their rentals using mobile phones so that they do not come in direct contact with the owner or staff of the facility.

Adapt to the current situation with intelligence

Cutting down on locations

Opening multiple locations for your car rentals means a lot of expenses and this decision should be taken very carefully. Also, car rental owners will be trying to reduce their locations during the pandemic and also after it to reduce the costs and operate with maximum efficiency

Switching to delivery

Car rental owners should switch to delivery mode rather than waiting for walk-ins as customers nowadays are ordering everything online and develop a digital interface to make car booking as simple and efficient as food ordering.

Go digital

With the pressure increasing on maintaining social distancing, car rentals should consider shifting a large chunk of their operations into the digital mode. The feature like “self-unlocking” is going to be the new norm for car rentals. The development of digital systems is therefore very important moving forward whereby customers can make their bookings and sign rental agreements using an app from their mobiles. They should also be able to locate their car, unlock it, and easily drive away with just a mobile phone. It is also the right time for Rental owners to start adapting to Rental management software to connect with their target customers. 


The importance of cleanliness

This pandemic has taught us the importance of cleanliness. Therefore car rentals should take that extra step to assure customers about cleanliness and also upgrade their sanitation and cleanliness policies.

Make amendments to your return policy

Some customers might not be able to return the car within the allotted time period due to the volatile situation. So make sure to give allowances to such unforeseen circumstances and express your genuine empathy towards the customer by showing them that “We are in it together”. You can do this by making amendments to your return policy to avoid any confusion.

Measures were taken by reputed rental agencies

The renowned rental wing of Audi “Silvercar” has already made changes to their modus operandi. They are a step ahead and have started practicing contactless rental and delivery services to help out customers better. This is done with the help of a mobile app that can be used by customers to book, track, and unlock their rentals. 

Their customer-friendly approach also includes no fee for one-way drives and also the option to extend the rentals beyond 14 days

They are also winning the hearts of customers with their 19 step vehicle cleaning methods and mandatory face covering of all employees in every location.

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The car rental providers Move Mee also said there is a 200% surge in inquiries for their contactless car rental services. Move Mee also provides one-time customer registration and validation process so that customers need not wait in long queues or face the perils of coming in contact with a physical location especially during this particular time of the pandemic. The Move Mee app helps customers to do this. 

Always be prepared for changes

The current situation of the pandemic is ever-changing and therefore it is very important for rental owners to embrace the change quickly and effectively to flow smoothly down the lane with minimal hiccups and also help customers rent out successfully and with no hassles. 


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