7 Highly profitable rental business ideas

Rental business ideas

With the economy getting negatively affected due to the Coronavirus outbreak, people are choosing to rent out equipment to meet their various demands. This helps them to considerably reduce their expenses and save up for the future especially at an uncertain time like this.

Therefore the opportunities present in the rental business have increased manifolds and you can easily start one with minimum investment.

However, you need to take care of three important points before you venture out:-

  • Efficient warehousing
  • Means of transportation 
  • Proper cleaning and maintenance measures

In this article, we will take a look at seven highly profitable rental business ideas to get you closer to your aim.

Rentals for party

Some years ago conducting parties were not considered with much ease but the times have changed and with the entry of event managers and other professional services people are partying more. You can utilize this opportunity to provide materials like unique tables, chairs, bounce houses, slides, etc for rent and generate income. You can also make more income by providing services like assisting to arrange the place and staying till the end of the party to carry out any other necessary tasks.

Rentals of wedding materials

Wedding equipment rentals fall slightly on the higher side as far as expenses are concerned but are definitely a profitable one if you have enough capital to invest. For instance, you might need the entire set of a detachable wedding stage. Along with rentals if you start your wedding planning services also then you can recover your money more quickly. All you need to be is trendier and think in a very creative way.

Renting furniture

This mode of rental has become very popular nowadays as people are stuck in different places never thought out or planned. Furniture is a very integral part of everyday living and is definitely essential. You can get regular revenue from furniture rentals and also make extra money out of furniture pieces after covering up their actual costs.

Renting out construction equipment

To carry out a construction project successfully you require a variety of tools and machinery. Therefore there is high demand if you opt to start a Construction equipment rental business. High costs of these machinery and tools will discourage the owner of the building to buy them for just one-time usage and therefore he will definitely rent it out. You can start out your business with some of the equipment at first and slowly diversify your equipment stock if you are short on funds initially.

Bicycle rentals

Many governments are providing the option to rent out bicycles from metro stations. This is done to help the public commute without any hassles. You can utilize this opportunity by forming a contract with the government to rent out bicycles and generate regular income.

Renting out clothes

Not everyone can afford to dress themselves up to match that grand occasion. You can help them out and at the same time make some money out of it by starting your clothing rental business. All you need to take care of is the variety and condition of your clothes. Make sure that you maintain them in a flawless manner by regular dry cleaning, ironing, etc after each rental. This will help you to maintain your business with the highest value among your customers and also have a strong footing among your competitors.

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Online Book rentals

There are avid readers out there who want to read some of the greatest works but are hesitant to buy them due to the exorbitant costs. You can utilize this opportunity by renting out books online. The only thing you need to be careful about is maintaining a meticulous database of your stock and also not renting out books that are cheaper as probably people can afford it and won’t opt to rent it out.

Outdoor Activity, Sporting & Fitness Equipment

Probably for outdoor activities, you must have wide-open spaces especially for sports. You can consider spaces that match the natural conditions of where you’re starting it out. Before starting out, you need to look at whether your surroundings match the activities or not. One can surely make a good income out of all these possibilities if you’re really passionate.

Photo Booths

If you’re fond of flexibility and fun in a while, photo booths have been in trend for over a decade. At weddings and birthday parties, you can find photo booths as popular as DJs, or bouquet halls, etc. These photo booth trends will not fade away anytime soon which itself makes it a profitable side gig for income.

GoPros & Accessories Tripods

Offering GoPros accessories like drones, mounts, hand grips, etc. is a great source for adventurers who seek thrilling excursions. Drones will help them to capture exciting photographs to share on social media. These photography goodies have their own set of fans and one can start this profitable GoPro rental business within a small budget itself.

Rentals for party Rentals of wedding materials Renting furniture Renting out construction equipme
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