Car rental business after COVID19: What you need to know

Car rental business after COVID-19

The car rentals, like any other business, is a thing of mystery with regards to its way of operations and functioning post-pandemic. Nobody has an exact idea as to how the car rental businesses will look like post-COVID-19.

Well, to be honest, there has not been much change in the way car rentals are operating currently as they kept their business under the radar by cutting the marketing costs by 95% from January to April.

But still, it is not the usual way of operations as people won’t be feeling secure to accept cars that are not thoroughly cleaned and sanitized when they are handed over the keys from a previous owner. The customers want rental owners to take complete responsibility for cleaning and sanitization processes. 

As a result of which the important changes that you can find with car rentals are:

  • Cars that are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected
  • Doors with safety seals
  • Touch-free rentals
  • Reduced rental rates
  • Employees who are equipped with special cleanliness training

After the lockdown, the car rental business is expected to boom since most of the people might opt for cars to commute locally and it might continue to be like that for a year or so. Therefore the relevance of the above-mentioned cleanliness measures to assure customers safety and security in the most appropriate manner.

There is no need to worry as cleanliness is the priority

Car rental companies have therefore come up with high-end training programs regarding cleanliness which includes flawless cleaning and wiping of the interiors like the dashboard, instrument panel, steering column, wheel, accessory panel, center console, cup holders, compartments, seats, and doors. To make it short, the rental companies assure that not even a single inch of space is left without properly sanitized and cleaned before the car changes hands.

The car rental owners are also keeping a close eye on the guidelines rolled out by the CDC, State, and Local governments and modifying their cleanliness measures accordingly. Special training is also provided to the staff and workers incorporating the need for social distancing, sanitization processes. They are also given training on how to use the different personal protection materials like gloves, masks, etc, effectively.

The element of safety seals

To certify their cleaning efforts, the different rental companies are coming up with safety seals to assure customers of maximum safety. The seal is placed across the driver#34sigs door once the car is disinfected and cleaned to the guidelines set by the CDC.

A touchless rental system

The car rental system might become touchless in the near future with the help of an app on your phone. So there is every possibility that you might not be able to see an agent next time you visit a car rental place. This technological leap might take place soon, as the danger of the Coronavirus is still lingering in the air and many major rental owners are concerned about the safety of their staff and customers, in spite of the necessary cleanliness measures taken.

Lower prices, definitely on the cards

The car rental owners are functioning at lower prices as a result of the pandemic. Experts however predict that the demand will spike soon and we may see things getting back to normal as this summer more people might start traveling for leisure, across the country.

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The confusion prevails

The element of confusion still prevails among the customers. This is mainly due to the fact that they do not have an exact picture as to how the car rental sector might look like post-pandemic. People are still confused about the cleanliness and disinfection methods which will be adopted by the rental companies as there is no one single voice clearing away the doubts. 

Although no one can guarantee a 100% risk-free car rental post-pandemic, we can be assured of two things, more safety and reduced rental charges.

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