What is future of Contactless car rental and How it works

What is future of Contactless car rental

What is Contactless car rental

During the second or third wave of the Corona pandemic. Touchless car rental is proving to be the most viable option for people who have to travel for work-related or other important commitments as everyone cannot afford to stay indoors in the fight against the pandemic. Through Contactless car rental, maximum safety is an assured thing for customers and people can travel with peace of mind as the process sticks very closely to the social distancing norms as there is no or minimum human to human contact while renting your medium of transport. 

We will examine the features of contactless car rental here and also what to expect in the future

Reservation made online

The policies, documents, and agreements related to your car renting process will be available online and you can easily make the vehicle reservation from your place of comfort with zero human contact

All transactions are online

There is no person to person interaction as all paperwork can be signed online and payments made digitally using cards

Pick-up and drop-off without any human interaction

Customers can pick-up and drop-off their rentals without any human interaction. There will be a stand allocated to hang the keys and also in the future the rental methods will adapt keyless features to access the vehicle using apps to prevent the spread of the virus

High cleanliness and safety measures by rentals  

The protocols laid down by many rental companies regarding disinfection are of the highest standards so as to ensure maximum safety for customers. Some measures include fogging cars with antibacterial mists and cleaning the interiors thoroughly using the highest quality disinfectants.

Contactless rental cars are a big leap as far as innovation is concerned in the car rental industry. Many car rentals have joined hands with tech companies to develop their own app so that customers can manage their rentals from their own smart devices. There is no doubt to the fact that touchless car rentals are here to stay even after the pandemic as it provides an easy and comfortable reservation experience to customers when compared to over the counter car bookings. 


Rental companies are fast switching to a Contactless car rental system as it provides more safety to customers and they can manage their business easily during these tough times. If you are a car rental owner who is on the lookout to transform your business into a touchless one then at Rent Rabbit you can avail yourself the services to do the same. You can customize the white label product to suit your business needs and go touchless at the same time. 

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