How much does it Cost to Develop a Car Rental Mobile Application?

Car Rental Mobile Application Cost

The luxury lifestyle is the latest trend prevailing in the thoughts of every human. As people find necessary services at affordable prices and enjoy the perks of its benefits. One of such is the car rental booking solutions that help people from town and cities. 

Car rental apps have obtained immense growth in this on-demand marketplace. Due to the increase in demand for car rental apps, it has become the source of income for service providers. Accelerate your business with car rental mobile application development. 

In business terms, it’s the best time to venture into the app development process for your car rental business. Grab this opportunity and increase your ROI with no further delay.

Why do you need a mobile app for your car rental business?

To Access Data in Real-time

Nowadays, people prefer instant booking options over investing time in speaking with rental owners to check for availability. Using mobile apps, customers can check the vehicles data via their smartphones at any time easily. This automation process not only helps customers but also reduces the mundane tasks of rental owners.

To increase brand credibility

Since everyone has smartphones and the internet handy, make use of mobile apps to increase your brand credibility. With the advent of mobile phones, you can easily gain trust and reach more customers.

To build a Marketing strategy

Mobile apps help businesses to effectively promote their business to a wide range of customers. This new marketing strategy is like an investment to maximize your business growth. 

To manage your fleet of taxis/cars/cabs 

Using mobile apps, you can streamline our entire fleet in a single interface hassle-free. There is no tedious process of stock management including, drivers, and cabs booking slots, etc.

To Gain high ROI

Mobile apps help businesses to monitor transport amenities 24/7, to enable hassle-free customer journeys. If your business runs all around the year perfectly, ultimately you gain high ROI.

Features of Car Rental Application Development


Easy Login:

Allow users to sign in to your mobile app using email or social media credentials easily. 

Car Type:

This section showcases every information about the car, customers can choose according to their preferences. 

Schedule Ride:

Once selecting the required cars, customers need to schedule their booking time here. 

Instant Booking:

This feature is really helpful for users booking for any emergencies. As they can instantly hire the desired car with simple details. 

Booking Management:

This section controls every booking information of customers from past to upcoming rides in a single tap. 

Push Notifications:

Send and receive alerts on booking status, discount offers, and updates via SMS or email using push notifications. 

Fare Estimation:

This feature helps customers to calculate approximate ride charges beforehand. 

Payment Options:

Integrating multiple payment options in your mobile app helps customers to book rides and get receipts easily. 

Booking Cancellation:

This option helps users to manage booking cancellations by paying legal charges efficiently. 

Referrals and Rewards:

Allow customers to share or refer your mobile app to family and friends for sending promo codes or earn rewards for booking rides.


Interactive Dashboards:

This section allows users to view and manage vehicles or drivers information seamlessly. Admin can monitor all the data and analytics in real-time. 

Customer Management: 

This feature can help users to manage details of users, drivers/hosts, and sub-admins. 

Car Management: 

Admin can add or remove new cars along with required details in the app. 

Fare Management: 

Manage the complete fare charges to rent a car, including the travel distance, locations, category and navigation routes, etc. 

Income and App Analytics: 

Admin can monitor all the details of income and profits under this section. You can also manage reviews and data for the app to accelerate business performance.

Content Management System: 

Using the CMS tool, the admin can manage all the car rental applications content conveniently.

Category Management: 

According to the car rental business, managing categories and status updated is a hideous task, this feature allows the admin to manage all the cars available.



Drivers can log in and register their accounts so that customers will reach them for bookings directly.


Drivers can update and manage their information available for a specific day/week/month


Ensure to check with your app development service provider for these features to stay ahead of competitors. 

Secured Payment Gateways:

You can reach more customers by providing simple transaction processes with the help of third-party payment gateways.  

GPS Tracking:

Geolocation tracking helps both admin and user to find the locations of the vehicle in real-time.

Cloud storage:

You can store all your customer data, vehicle and driver information securely using the cloud. 

Social media integrations:

This feature allows customers to share their traveling information using social media securely. 

Live chat:

You can communicate with customers using live chat to confirm everything works fine. 

Push Notifications:

Alert your customers about various actions like successful/unsuccessful payments, updates, and booking confirmation with the help of push notifications.

Technology Stack of Car Rental App Development

With the right Technologies and developers, you can create a robust and intuitive application that fulfills all your requirements easily. A refined app with extraordinary features and services will take your business to the next level. Some of the important features of a car rental system that you must know before developing an app as follows, 



Real-time Analytics

Flurry, Google Analytics


MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra, Postgres, MySQL

Phone Verification

Facebook SDK, Google sign in


Amazon Data Servers and the Google Cloud serves

Location Tracking

Google Maps and Apple Maps

Team Structure for Car Rental App Development

You can develop an application easily by keeping skilled and expert developers in the industry handy. Creating on-demand apps is not simple as it looks, you will need to work with various developers, designers, testers, and managers to convert your dream into reality. To create the most popular apps, take advantage of both Android and IOS platforms. 

  • Project Manager
  • Backend Developers
  • UX/UI Designers
  • Frontend Developers
  • Android App Developers
  • iOS App Developers
  • Testers
  • QA Professionals

Cost to Develop Car Rental Application

Figuring out the entire cost to develop car rental software is not simple as it appears. There are multiple factors that determine actual cost including, basic features, functionalities, and locations, etc. Choosing your platform and region can directly influence the cost of car rental app development.

The car rental app development cost is majorly based on the average economy of the country. For instance, In the USA, the average cost of app development per hour is $150-$250, and in Europe, it is $120-$200. However, you must consider all these scenarios while developing your mobile applications.

Wrap Up

Every business needs a mobile application to maximize its business operations. Car rental owners find “Car rental app development” as a boon to promote their business growth. Mobile apps became popular after the success stories from giants like Ola and Uber services. Ensure to hire the best mobile app development company to develop a high-performance car rental app.

Car Rental Mobile Application Cost
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