The best practices to sanitize your fleets for safe rentals

Sanitize fleets

The COVID-19 pandemic has really posed challenges for fleet operators in terms of maintaining stringent cleanliness and sanitization measures. It has become the duty of fleet owners to make passengers and drivers feel safe and secure when they are moving about. There are definitely ways to reach the new benchmark set in terms of sanitization processes and we will take a closer look at them here. Read on to know more

A car that is clean, reassures

A car that is clean provides instant reassurance to drivers and passengers alike as it shows that the owner of the fleet is considerate about the well being of their passengers. This can be achieved by regular cleaning and it also eliminates the survival of viruses inside the vehicle. Use wipes and standard cleaning sprays for this. Give instructions to your drivers on how to keep the car clean and make sure they maintain cleanliness. Inform your customers and staff on how seriously you are going about your cleanliness regime

Utilize sprays

Use spray solutions for greater effectiveness. Make sure to apply them only once you have cleaned the interiors of your vehicle. Also while selecting a disinfectant make sure that they fit into the criteria rolled out by agencies like the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Try to stick to sprays that have a high kill rate (ideally of the range 99.9%)

Vapor shock

Fleet operators can save time and also assure maximum sanitization by using vapor shocks. It is the method by which the vehicle is sanitized by using a sprayer so that all area inside your vehicle is properly sanitized. The only thing you need to take care of is the “dwell time” which is the amount of time for which the sanitized area needs to be left undisturbed to attain its full sanitization ability

Varying applications

The different methods of sanitization need different implementations. Vapor shocks quickly dry up and the vehicles can get on the road quickly. Certain surfaces might not absorb the moisture completely and therefore needs a quick wipe before the journey begins. This also helps us to identify spots that have not been sanitized as a dry patch will suggest and provide us a chance to sanitize it again

A sanitization specialist can help

Sticking to an effective sanitization process requires a good understanding of how your vehicles are scheduled and also the routes. For example, vehicles that run on a daily basis with differing passengers with each trip needs to be sanitized frequently when compared to a vehicle that is going for a longer trip with the same set of passengers. Apart from vapor shocks and spray applications, there are also other methods that enable longer periods of sanitization. By consulting a sanitization specialist you will have a better idea on how to go about sanitizing your fleet for best effectiveness 

Effective communication

Add more value to your sanitization processes by communicating it effectively with your customers and staff. Let them know that you are concerned about their safety. Put up signages that convey the efforts that you are taking for effective sanitization. You can also utilize apps and register your vehicles there to pass on messages to your customers on how a particular vehicle has been made 99.9 % germ-free. 

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The pandemic has really made us more aware of the importance of cleanliness. Also, many car rental owners and customers alike are opting for contactless rentals to stay away from the virus. Fleets are taking measures that are more stringent and airtight regarding cleanliness and sanitization measures so that we can once again travel with minimum worries about getting infected with the virus.

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