7 Ways to Save Money on Car Rentals During COVID Pandemic

saving money on car rental

Car rentals do have an upper hand when you consider traveling from one place to another when compared to public transport systems. You can travel according to your convenience in a leisurely way and reach the destination without any time constraints. Rentals are expensive though. But what if there are ways to use car rentals in a very economical way. Let us see about it here 

Comparison of car rental prices 

To get the best offers and prices as a customer, a comparison of different car rental companies is a very important measure that you should take before booking your rentals. This can help you to zero in on the best car rental offers out there which suits your requirements ideally. You can use sites like Kayak and Skyscanner to get the best results and also to know more about seasonal offers

Using your own GPS

Car rentals have their own GPS facility but they come with a price. So if you can avoid using the GPS service provided by car rental services and instead use the GPS app from your smartphones, you can cut down on this additional cost. 

Have a detailed look at your rental fee inclusions 

Before going on with your reservations in a hurry, get a closer look at the break up of the total amount that you are paying for your rentals. This can include things like tax and hidden charges. Make yourself at home with the rental agreement and policies of the company before making the final payment 

Many companies charge you for filling fuel once you return the car after your rental. You can save money here by opting to refuel before renting out the car

Also, make it a point to check whether your existing insurance or credit card covers for damages caused during your car rental period. If so, you can avoid the insurance charge added up by the rental company and save money easily

The pick-up and drop-off feature

Car rental services provide customers with the feature of pick-up and drop-off so that customers can leave the car or take up the rentals from a place of their convenience. As a customer, you can easily save the extra amount they charge for these services by making it a point to take or leave the rentals from their original locations

If you want to save money avoid airport rentals

Airport rentals fall to the expensive side as it is convenient and also the rental agencies belong to reputed companies of international class. To avoid this you can plan your reservation well ahead by contacting a local rental company as they will be cheaper bringing in good services as per your needs to avoid extra costs

Keep a close eye on discounts and offers

Seasonal discounts are provided by your bank or credit cards. Similarly, there will be attractive discounts and offers rolled out by car rental agencies around festive seasons like Christmas and New Year. You can also avail loyalty rewards if you are on the customer list of car rental agencies repeatedly. All you need to do is keep a close eye on such offers before going ahead with your reservations

Identify damages

Do not be in a hurry to drive off your rentals. Take some time out to check the car for any damages, as you will be liable for it at the time of return. Take the photograph of such damages using your smartphone, the recorded date in the smartphone can provide valid proof with regards to the damage caused 

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Make reservations smartly by following tips that can help you save money on your car rental requirements. All you need to do is be more observant and have a keen eye for different offers and discounts. Then you are all set for a journey both fun-filled and joyous on your rented vehicle!


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