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Manage bookings

Streamline your rental platform with flexible booking options to drive more users. Each reservation is monitored and managed by the admin to ensure the smooth functioning of the business.

Calendar options

Let your customers know the availability of your rentals. Rental owners can choose their available dates from the calendar option to offer a hassle-free booking experience.


Commission tracking

Revenue is the only tool to take your business to the next level. You must gain control over your site earnings and revenue flow. Easily track the commissions and make wiser decisions to improve your business.


This is another tricky thing that is used to increase the conversion rate. This enables customers to make the payment from their wallet system at the time of checkout or if they cancel any order


Referral program

Let your customers enjoy the referral benefits when they prompt others to use your service.When they invite a friend both the referrer and the referee will get credited with a certain amount which can be used for the next booking.

Ratings and reviews

Ratings and reviews are important tooltips for any business. Customers can make a better buying decision based on the reviews. So, we are equipped with a better review management system.


Advanced Reports

Make smart, data-driven decisions with intuitive reports. Our software lets you penetrate deep into the data that improves your rental business. We generate reports to track the performance and progression in a timely manner.

Historic metrics

Get an instant overview of the past reservations and transactions. Move a step ahead by analyzing previous booking and transactions record.Explore our Knowledgebase to know more.


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