Chip ride car rental application

Chip ride car rental application

“ With such an advanced system, we gained a good reputation among people.
The application helps us to gain prominence among our customers. ”

Case summary

They approached us with a vision to explore the rental industry from a different angle. They wanted to stay ahead of their competitors and provide their customers with an easy booking experience.

This is a case study that elucidates the workflow of Mr. Brad’s customizations on the car rental portal. They require a car rental system with a good customer experience to rent and list a car. We built this application on Codeigniter - PHP web framework which is quite prominent and efficient to build an application.


To compete with the existing industry giants certain specifications have to be made according to the client’s requirements. Besides the features of the software and applications, they wanted Rentrabbit team to make plenty of customizations which will improve their vision and quality service. For this, we made enhancements in car owner listing, guest car booking, card details saving option and invoice receipt.


Rentrabbit customized their application with the following features to make it more responsive and delivered custom developed online car rental system based on the client requirements.

Car owner car listing

  • Pickup and drop location

    The existing application allows the car owner to mention the pick-up and drop the location for the car. According to the customer's requirements, we made customizations that allow car owners to enable or disable the pick-up location while listing a car. So that the car owner gets to know whether the car is available for pick up and drop location when the guest makes a booking.

  • Additional fields

    Additional fields were added such as vehicle registration number and number of seats for the car owners. This lets them add a car registration number and the seat details while listing the car. Both the car registration number and number of seats will be displayed on the car details page and the booking confirmation page. So the user can view the seat details along with the car registration number.

  • Extra charges for the surcharge, fuel charge, other charges

    We added the functionality to add additional prices for items such as fuel surcharge, extra driver in charges, booster seat, GPS, etc. In the admin settings, an option is added to enable/disable the additional price option. In the pricing tab of car owner listing, an option is provided for adding additional prices. Here the car owner can add the additional charges for fuel charges or others.

  • Driver settings

    In driver settings, enabling the following options such as booking the car with a self-drive option and booking the car with driver option for car owners. They can also add multiple driver details on his dashboard. The car owner can add the fields for driver name, driver's phone number, license number, driver status (active/inactive), etc. The car owners can choose the driver for car listing from the existing driver's list or can add a new driver for the listing, and set the price for the car.

Guest car booking

Pickup and drop location

‘Location of your choice’ option made available for the guest, if the particular car has the option. If a guest selects the ‘Location of your choice’, then we will get the guest’s desired location details in a pop-up window.

Additional fields from guests

Additional files were added from the customer on the booking such as license number for customer and emergency contact number. This lets car owners add a registration number and the same details while listing the car.

Car bookings with extra charges

Added extra charges option so, the guest can choose it and the corresponding price will be added to the booking amount. The information about the extra charges for each booking was added for the car owner, guest, and admin.

Additional driving details

In check out, guests can select the following options such as Booking a car with self-drive (if the option allowed by car owner), booking a car with car owner drivers (if the option allowed by car owner).

Card details saving option

In the existing application, there is no option to save the guest card details. At the payment page, we added an option for the guest to save card details before performing the payment option. In existing cards, another option got added to the guest to use the existing card details. These two options were made available for all guests on booking and listing payment.

Invoice for car booking

In this application, the Invoice format will be designed as per the given L&S format. The print option will be there in the invoice format. The invoice will be included with the options such as Renter details, Car details, Pickup and drop location details, Additional drivers details, and Price details.


Equipped with various enhancements and features, Rent Rabbit helped the rental business to gain a drastic growth in the marketplace. As most of the people prefer car rentals these days, this application portal can provide you better services to get more reservations.

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