Cebu rent a car

Cebu rent a car

“ Rentrabbit has transformed the way we work. It has helped our rental business run smoother.
It's just so easy and so good! ”

About the company

Cebu rent a car is a Philippines based car rentals providing services across Cebu city has earned goodwill through their dedication and core principles of comfort, safety, value, and privacy. They offer a variety of vehicles such as sedans, compacts, and vans and also offer the newest models of sedans, vans, and SUVs on an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis. All the vehicles are available and can be rented with a driver only. Started way back in mid-2006, they have managed to maintain excellence and pride in their services.

Case summary

This case study elucidates the customizations made on Mr. kharl Gibran Lataza’s ‘Cebu rent a car’ application. They are one of the leading car rental company and they wanted to provide a hassle-free convenient booking service to customers. For that, they approached Rent Rabbit with the below customizations.


They wanted their application with the same color with a few enhancements. In our existing application, we have a location wise search option only. Accordance with the client’s requirements we added a option to get customer location automatically. Also, the location wise listings of cars got replaced to showing the one car which is nearby located.

In filter, your car option riders or passengers can choose their preferred and particular car type, car price or the location using the advanced filter option. For Cebu rent a car we set the filter options such as car, price, brand, fuel, etc.. to be displayed automatically without giving the filter option. Minimum one day to book a car was the next feature added. The selection of fuel type and manual type selection on the homepage for easily booking.


As per the client specifications, Rent Rabbit introduced customizations with standout features to the solutions. First, Rent Rabbit initiated making enhancements apart from our existing features. In the existing application, the search was based on location and car type. In accordance with the client’s requirements, we enabled automatic customer location for more convenience.

The next focus was on the car listing. They wanted to show only one car which is nearby the customer’s current location. We enabled this feature which similar enhancements.

Thirdly the booking options underwent few changes adding the feature of enabling a minimum one day needed to book a car. The next was to avail the option for fuel type and manual type in the homepage.


Catering to their key specifications we helped them to give out a comfortable rental experience. The convenience and efficiency provided by Rent Rabbit helped them to serve customers well. The newly added features helped their rentals to maintain excellence and pride in their services. The car rental company has now set its goal of expanding its resources and increase their customer reach. Also, it helped them to manage rentals in an easy and effortless way.

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