Significance of mobile app for car rental business

Significance of mobile app for car rental business

Developing good strategies to achieve profitability and growth is inevitable. Online rental booking app is one of those services which most of the rental companies are implementing.
An online booking app allows customers to book a car from any mobile device. It is important to increase the sales as most of the customers feel convenient to make bookings via smartphones.
After reading this blog you will get a clear picture of how significant an online car rental booking app is for both the rental businesses and customers.

Car rental app features

Here is the list of basic features that you must integrate across three platforms including user panel, admin platform, and driver platform.

1. User Panel

  • login/ sign-up procedure with social media integration.
  • Secure and easy payment features
  • Selection of the type of car.
  • Details of the driver along with photo ids like licenses.
  • Scheduling a car booking.
  • Instant ride cost estimation 
  • Push notifications
  • Live car tracking with GPS
  • One tap booking management, cancellation on a single tap.
  • Rewards and discount offer for potential customers.
  • Integrated payment gateway with the secured digital invoice.
  • To add customer Ratings and reviews

2. Admin Panel

  • Interactive dashboard to monitor overall bookings.
  • Ease of driver interaction and management.
  • 24/7 customer support and workflow management.
  • To allocate discounts and coupons.
  • Booking management. 
  • Reports of metrics and analysis. 
  • Ride charges and integrated digital payment management.

3. Driver Panel

  • Secure login options after verification of documents like driving license/photos.
  • Manage your booking requests
  • Accept & verify payments.
  • Driver dashboard to manage trips and customers.
  • Ride history and transaction history.
  • Instant notifications.          
  • Route mapping for smooth travel.     

Benefits of mobile app for car rental business

Convenient booking process

By providing an online booking app, you create a convenient and easy booking option for users. Users can make their bookings anytime via smartphones from anywhere. Car rentals will provide these features by meeting customer’s demands by using car rental mobile apps and hence make significant profits.

Control over business

With a car rental booking app, it will help you meet rental management demands. It is possible to manage innumerable locations and vehicles without hassle. With similar solutions like Rentrabbit, a range of features is offered for speeding up the rental process. You can take a dive into features to know more.

Reduction of the cost of operation

The cost can be reduced excessively since various functions are handled by the software. Also, the number of employees can be reduced. Thus, saving the labor costs, the extra resources can be used for expanding business.

Focus on core business

A lot of time and resources are spent controlling and planning car rental resources. You will end up giving little attention to creating strategies that can help in the achievement of goals and objectives. On the other hand, the use of a car rental booking app saves a lot of time and lessens the effort. Consequently, you can clearly focus on the aspects that matter in business.

Wider reach

Reaching clients within and outside the region is easier using an online application. Customers who utilize mobile devices will also prefer to engage in your services. There are chances of getting customers through quality services and high efficiency that you offer by the mobile application. With such a wider reach you can assure the longevity and profitability of your car rental business.

Security in making payments

Your customers do not have to carry cash and pay for the services, once you integrate an online booking app in your business. All they need is a debit or credit card to complete the transaction.

Reduced employee turnover

When the bulk of the work is done by the software, the employee turnover can be reduced to minimal. It is also possible to compensate them accordingly because of the significant profits earned from the business. This way, the company’s image, and reputation will remain positive in the consumer’s world.

Readiness for the future

It is clear that consumers will continue to rely on online booking in the future. Car rental companies must be ready to meet the customers changing tastes and adopt new preferences in online car rental management software.

Way of obtaining feedback

The best way companies can enhance service and delivery is by gathering and analyzing customer feedback. With this, you can find ways of dealing with issues that could weaken your business growth.

Finding the right software

  • Ensure whether the software is easy to navigate.
  • Mobile optimization is a must as most of the clients rely on their mobile phones to access your websites more than other devices.
  • Real-time reporting is crucial. You must know where your vehicles are at all times.
  • Support should be made available to find help at any time when an issue arises.

For more insights, many rental companies are reconciling mobile applications and solutions. You can get in touch with us and ask your inquiries. Stand by for more blogs on car rentals and rental industry. 

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