Global Car Rental Risks and Protection Opportunities In 2021

Global Car Rental Risks

As the car rental industry is still recovering from the threats created by the economic slowdown over the past year. Now again this industry is flourishing with new technologies and trends to deal with all these issues. Do you want to know the market opportunities and challenges the car rental industry will face this year? In this blog, we will discuss major business trends and threats in detail.


Shifting towards the local market

The car rental industry mainly depends on vacation tourists and business tourists all around the year. However, car rental businesses got affected due to the prevailing pandemic restrictions and economic slowdown. In order to handle this situation smartly, car rental owners can focus on local markets which encourages people to place reservations. 

Many leading brands in the industry shifted to this business tactic and also offer discounts that encourage customers to hire them. These tactics helped people who don#34sigt own a vehicle to make use of rental and travel for shopping, meeting, or work at ease.


Competing against the ride-sharing industry

As public transport becomes hideous in times of pandemics, many people prefer to choose car-sharing facilities which result in great demand. Also, the use of taxis and carpooling services were really helpful to stay safe from the exposure to COVID-19 than traveling in buses or trains.               

Now, car rentals need to compete with ride-sharing companies as they offer rides at cheaper prices. However, rentals are ideal for long-distance journeys and always comfortable for long-term use. Therefore, car rental businesses opt to reduce prices, offer discounts for the local market and follow disinfection procedures to assure customers#34sig safety.


Sell part of your fleet

Have you heard of Avis car rental company in India? They sold most of their fleet to overcome the revenue losses that happened during this pandemic. This can be a great tactic, but know that the resale market was also shattered by pandemic outbreaks and rates got reduced considerably. Remember, selling a part of your fleet is definitely a smarter way to save your revenue than letting it collect dust and rust down. 

However, Rental cars have an upper hand when compared to privately owned cars as fleet vehicles must be new and under regular maintenance. Therefore, buying rental cars is always the better option for a used car buyer.   


Make use of the latest technologies

Having an user-friendly app can do a lot of wonders for your car rental businesses. It not simplifies the booking process but allows people to social distance themselves by making instant bookings and travel safely. To invest in an app or a website for your rental business is definitely the growth-making option available to overcome this pandemic. 

This technology is not new to the industry, as many rental companies already use booking apps that are managed by fleet management software in the past few years. This allows businesses to offer smooth rental bookings, access online payments, and provide 24-hours customer service.


Final Verdict

Now you might be thinking about how to choose the best apps and fleet management software for your rental business. Whatever service provider you choose, ensure they offer high-quality service that matches your business needs.

To conclude, rental businesses have to be always equipped with the right tools and software. As business trends keep evolving, you can’t predict threats upcoming in the near future. Rental businesses can easily overcome these challenges and survive over the competition in the market by adopting new technologies.

Global Car Rental Risks and Opportunities
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