5 Important things you should know before renting a boat

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Who doesn’t love to rent a boat and venture out into the waters? With the end of summer nearing, it is an ideal time to rent a boat and enjoy your free time. But renting a boat might just prove to be a daunting task if you do not know how to go about it. Read on to get more insights on things to look out for while renting a boat so as to enjoy a cruise to make your summer complete

Having too many options open in front of you can make your decision making a tough one, so before starting out your boat rental search activities, try to choose from a maximum of one or two types of boats. For this, you need to know how many people will be boarding the boat or in other words accompanying you on your trip. The price will differ depending on the number of people a boat accommodates

Most of the rental boat companies charge per hour fees, so talk with the rental owners if the fee is negotiable and also you might need the boat for many days and based on your requirements discuss with rental owners about discounts and offers

Understand the local laws better

It is better to know about the local laws and regulations as a traveler so as to not land in any kind of difficulties. For example, you do not want to go to a place where you are not allowed to operate a boat due to legal constraints. There are also some countries where you need at least a driving license in order to operate a boat. So having knowledge about the local laws can help you to go ahead with your boat trip, unhindered.

Keep a keen eye on the rental agreement

Just like any other renting process, the boat rentals are also bound by a legal agreement. So it is important that you carefully go through the document before going ahead with payments.

Be extra careful about the liability clauses

Understand clearly what damages you will be liable for in case of any mishappenings to the boat while you are operating it. Normally there will be a coverage policy issued by the rental company. You can check for it in the agreement. Some companies also give provisions to buy a coverage policy while renting the boat. Before renting out the boat, the company should give you a brief training on how the boat is operated if not you should ask them to. Understand the waiver clearly before going ahead and signing it because this document will hold you responsible for the safety of the crew and boat during your trip

Ask about the Deposit refund policy

To assure maximum protection to their boats and to increase the level of responsibility of clients, most boat rental companies ask for a deposit. This amount is usually included in the rental fee and will be returned to you in case of nil damage to the boat after your ride. Read about the deposit specifications closely in the agreement and ask the rental owner without hesitation, any doubts that arise with regards to the return of the deposit amount and how the refund process is just to be on the safer side

Inspection of the boat before renting

Inspect your boat thoroughly before signing the rental agreement. Check if there are any scratches, cracks, or damaged equipment that might fall under your liability after you have returned the boat. Also make sure that all the necessary safety equipment is on board before you start your journey by communicating with your agent, if not you have to get it placed from the boat agent and if they do not provide it you should place it from your side.

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To wrap up

These are some of the things that you should never forget to keep tabs on before renting out your boat. In other words, these are some of the basic things to be cross-checked before going out on a boat ride, so that you can enjoy your trip with maximum peace of mind without any worries!

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